About Us

About Us

When you visit Highway, you can expect to discover a comfortable environment where you are warmly greeted and sincerely accepted for who you are. You’ll also encounter up-to-date praise and worship, passionate and energetic teaching, and a devoted community always seeking to welcome others into its family. Most importantly, you can encounter a life-affirming and practical God face to face.

People of all ages, races, origins, and creeds are welcome to join us, with no need to dress up and no need to be perfect. If a fresh and friendly atmosphere designed to promote a new face of church sounds appealing, we would like to offer you an invitation to become a part of us: a diverse, loving, and thriving Community.

The Highway Story

It all began in the fall of 2006 when Steve & Missy Crowder sensed a clear calling from God to move to Colorado. After launching High Way Ministries International, a ministry dedicated to the vision of planting life-giving churches world-wide, they moved to the Boulder area in the summer of 2007. With them, a number of others moved from Arkansas to help, and together, the team started meeting people who had the same passion to reach Boulder with the infinite love of Christ.

The Crowders’ desire has always been to be a part of a ministry that truly embraces one another as family “doing life together!” After gathering for months for team-building, High Way officially launched on Easter 2008 at New Vista High near Baseline & Broadway. After six and half years of renting space at the school, we were invited to share a space with Crestview Church and Boulder Korean Church on Madison Ave.  While getting to live out our vision of uniting the church,  High Way continues to be a place for believers and newcomers to Christianity alike to experience God in a new, refreshing way. We are excited about the future and look with high anticipation to what God is going to do in the beautiful city of Boulder.

At Highway we believe that we are on a journey with Jesus, to reach the lost and unite His Church.  We would love to share the journey with you.

The Community I See

Acts 4:32The whole congregation of believers was united as one-one heart, one mind! They didn’t even claim ownership of their own possessions. No one said, ‘That’s mine, you can’t have it.’ They shared everything.

I see a community that is vibrant, alive, and powerful; Full of hungry and thirsty people desiring more of God: His word, His presence, His direction.

I see a community filled with all races, colors, and ages; People longing to be family, to be friends, to be loved and to love; Young learning from the aged and the aged lifted by the youth.

I see a community that is fulfilling the ministry that Jesus left to be finished; An organism that reaches into the darkness, to the wretched, to the lost; To bring hope, to bring sight, to bring life.

I see a community that is filled with leaders reaching into all fields of business; Creating and inventing, organizing and streamlining; Administrating out of the wisdom of the master craftsman.

I see a community erupting with an uncontrollable desire to reach the world; Where missions is a mandate and financing the kingdom is a high calling.

I see a community filled with worship and adoration to the King of Kings; A ministry so passionate about praise and contagiously anointed that new songs spill forth out the reservoir of God-moment experiences.

I see a community where the prophetic is present and the supernatural is obtainable; Where the miraculous is commonplace but never common.

I see a community filled with laughter, with tears of joy, with healing and restoration; A place where the heart of God is revealed and where His pleasure rests.

– Pastor Steve Crowder, 2007