At Highway, we understand the importance of networking with other organizations. Even Kevlar fibers are relatively worthless as individuals, but woven together, they become a mesh that can stop bullets. These are the affiliates with whom we are currently joined, each a valuable member of the Highway family.


ARC - Association of Related Churches


ARC was founded in 2000 to help plant and grow churches across the U.S. By combining effective, contemporary services with small, personal life groups, the Association has paved the way for a new breed of church, one that offers a place for everyone, provides a powerful and energetic communion with God, and lacks the boredom generally associated with Sunday mornings.

ARC is dedicated to mentoring, guiding, encouraging, and fellowshipping with pastors and churches in order to springboard them to becoming life-giving organisms that will spread the message of salvation across the world.  Highway Community Church was the 56th ARC church planted in the United States.


High Way Ministries International


Founded by Steve and Missy Crowder in 2006, High Way Ministries International seeks to bring a unique, invigorating style of church to every corner of the globe through the passionate, yet practical pursuit of Jesus through church planting and leadership development.  HWMI began the journey by launching Highway Community Church on March 2008 in Boulder, Colorado. Through our ongoing partnership, HWMI will continue to plant more life-giving churches around the world.

Boulder CoC

Boulder Chamber of Commerce


The nonprofit Boulder Chamber is the region’s flagship business advocacy and support organization. With more than 110 years of dedicated service to our members and the Boulder community, the Boulder Chamber’s innovative programs help local businesses succeed while sustaining an economy that preserves Boulder’s high quality of life, including its environmental and cultural assets.

At Highway, we believe that the local economy should be strong and flourishing, so we are committed to being a supporting member of the business sector of Boulder.